Photo of the Week - Week 11:

Harristown's Wedding Bus AV447 is seen on a rare Saturday outing on Route 140 at its former terminus at Hampton Wood on the 10th March 2012.

Saturday turned into an incredible day. Sometimes it just happens, and everything is interesting. I suppose one of the more interesting appearances was that of AV447 on the 140. I believe this is the first time I've ever seen either of Harristown's wedding buses in service at the weekend, being normally confined to peak hour duties on the Navan Road corridor. However this is seemingly changing, with AV447 and AV448 being more regularly noted on other routes. It was noted midweek that both operated in tandem on Route 13, while an appearance on the 17A was also noted. I hope it becomes more regular, with these buses straying around at the weekend for varieties sake. I haven't observed a DT on a Saturday in a while. With reducing stocks of RVs, Harristown are obviously short to be pushing their wedding buses off the comfortable lives they have thus far lived.

Donnybrook's VT21 is seen on a short service to RDS on Six Nations Match Day, Saturday the 10th March 2012.

VTs on the 7 are rare. What was rarer was to see VT25 and VT21 operating about 10mins behind one another. VT25 operated as a 7 to Loughlinstown Park, while VT21 only operated as far as Ballsbridge, no doubt returning for another run later closer to match time. VT25 may have operated back in service, as the 7 does be busy both ways on match days. Though VT25 was a lovely shot, a VT shot on the 7 appeared only a few weeks ago on this site, so in the interests of being 'fresh' I've gone for VT21 showing RDS only. I've never seen a VT showing RDS so its unusual. Its also dated, with the Irish jerseys and scarfs of the passengers who were to see Ireland easily beat Scotland in the evening kickoff at the Aviva Stadium.

The final image this week is from Enniskerry, AGAIN!!! I really do like this picturesque village. That said Donnybrook do allocate interesting things so its not all my fault. On Saturday it was the turn of newly all over ad AV321. Well almost, the front being left in fleet livery to the detriment of the advertisement. I hope this is not the plan going forward with AOAs. A rear shot however shows what might have been. That said others would argue that the front keeps the Dublin Bus brand image. Who am I to say in any case, its not like I'm OM-niscient.

Donnybrook's AV321 with its recently applied near AOA for Northern Ireland's tourist board is seen at the Enniskerry terminus of Route 44 on the 10th March 2012.

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