Photo of the Week - Week 30:

Ringsend's brand new GT112 is seen in the Tenters on St. Thomas Road operating Route 150 on the 31th August 2013.

Deliveries of GTs continue at pace, with the highest number so far delivered being GT112 shown in the photo above to Ringsend. Ringsend are due GT113, with Clontarf then due GT114-GT119. Further Ringsend AVs noted as withdrawn are AV8, AV11, AV17, AV18 and AV104. Interestingly AV12 was still going strong on Saturday on Route 15B. Donnybrook have also received their entire batch, with Route 11 converted to GT operation from 22/23rd of August.

Donnybrook's GT84 is seen having just departed from the old former terminus of Route 11 on Bird Avenue on the 31st August 2013.

In Donnybrook the GTs have just gone into the allocation pool with GT1-21. Thus newer GTs can operate the 7, while older GTs can be found on the 11, 54A or 114. Ringsend on the other hand can only allocate the newer GTs to the 150, though the 150 is far from fully converted, especially at weekends. Newer GTs now ofter appear on the 1, again something which was not expected given the restrictions of the older GT class buses.

Ringsend's GT106 is seen on the Shanliss Road Santry operating Route 1 on the 31st August 2013.

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