Photo of the Week - Week 31:

Clontarf's brand new GT117 is seen at the St. James' Terrace, Malahide, terminus of Route 32 on the 7th September 2013.

The new GTs continus to roll in with Clontarf the latest garage to receive them. GT115 and GT117 entered service there on Friday 6th September 2013, both operating the 29A, with one straying onto NiteLink duties that night. Today, the 7th September, GT115 was allocated to the 104 while GT117 was allocated to Route 32.

Clontarf's GT115 is seen on its second day of service operating Route 104 in Killester Village on the 7th September 2013.

Route 32 is the route that Clontarf is expected to allocate these new buses to. This route is interworked with the 31, but one would imagine that there is not enough GTs to cover both routes. GTs have been operating the 104 since November 2012, but yet I never got around to putting a photo of the GTs on the 104 onto the site. I had hoped to revamp the feature on the 104 and include these. Expect this as the next route feature so.

Clontarf's GT115 is seen turning right at Donnycarney Church operating Route 104 on the 7th September 2013.

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