Photo of the Week - Week 25:

Donnybrook's brand new GT90, the highest fleet-numbered GT yet in service, is seen on the Glendun Road operating Route 44 at the Glendun Road terminus on the 28th July 2013.

Monday the 22nd July 2013 saw the introduction of the first of the latest batch of Wright Gemini-bodied Volvo B9TL GT class buses, with GT81-85, 87, 88 and 90 being introduced into service. With the new deliveries, Routes 54A and 114 were upgraded to GT class operation. Route 11 will follow when the rest of the Donnybrook batch are delivered, the full Donnybrook allocation being GT80-100, though summer holidays at the Wright's factory in Ballymena may delay this.

As has been published recently, the allocation of the GT-class buses will be as follows:

Garage     Allocation     Routes Converted
Donnybrook     GT81-100     11, 54A , 114
Ringsend     GT101-GT113     49, 56A
Clontarf     GT114-GT119     31, 32
Conyngham Road     GT120-GT127     68, 69
Harristown     GT128-GT142     140
Phibsborough     GT143-GT160     9

Donnybrook's GT11 is seen at the Kiltipper terminus of Route 54A on the 27th July 2013.

What has become quite apparent is that the newest buses will not necessarily be on the recently converted routes. Many of the latest batch have been seen on the 7 group of routes during the week, whereas this weekend the entire 7, 114 and 54A allocations were from GT1-21, delivered to Donnybrook last year. However, in all cases the allocations of the GT converted routes were GT class buses, with GT1-21 being sufficient. What this points to is that these buses have clearly been not fully utilised since their delivery, as there always would have been enough buses to cover these three routes. This may point to the ownership of the buses, but it has been obvious since the delivery of the GT class last September that they have not been out day and night, which had been the norm for the latest buses delivered since the year dot. Harristown is possibly the greatest example of this. With such a low PVR on the 4 and 102 at the weekend, a lot of these buses are Monday-Friday only.

Donnybrook's GT15 is seen on the rollercoaster estate road leading into Ticknock Hill housing estate on Route 114 on the 27th July 2013.

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