Photo of the Week - Week 41A:

Harristown's AX623 operating a Route 128 service to Rathmines is seen at Donnycarney Church stop equipped with its new RTPI sreen on the 22nd October 2010.

So this week we'll have two Image of the Week additions this week, hence Week 41A. So the next Image of the Week will most likely be Tuesday or Wednesday, before getting back to normal service the following Sunday. But this was something that needed to be posted. You see sometimes the hazy sleepy nature of the journey into work can be disrupted. This morning was one of those mornings, as a shiny new LED screen was seen out of the corner of my eye. Yes RTPI has begun, and I have to admit its very impressive.

The image above shows AX623 on Route 128. It had been down as due as it pulled into the stop, its listing then dissapeared off the screen. A 42 is shown as due at this point, it is in fact sitting at the traffic lights at the junction before this stop. So its very accurate.

One of the great things about this display is the exact terminus is shown of the route. Marlborough Street instead of Abbey Street for the 42, Talbot Street for the 27. Though possibly not completely visible in the photo above is that one 42 is shown as City Centre. Obviously in some way this listing differs from the other 42 shown on the screen, and given these two buses would be operating two different TGX route settings, i.e. one from Coast Road, one from Portmarnock, this makes sense, though hopefully the other listing will be changed to Marlborough Street in the near future. All in all I stood there for 15mins observing. It was correct on all occasions. Summerhill and Harristown vehicles were appearing on it. So well done Dublin Bus, the RPTI screens are a great addition to bus operations in the city.

A close up shot of the new RTPI screen at Donnycarney on the 22nd October 2010.

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