Photo of the Week - Week 29:

Ringsend's brand new GT102 is seen at the Rossmore terminus of Route 150 on the Orwell Road on the 24th August 2013.

Ringsend has been the next garage to obtain GTs, with GT101-GT106 entering service on Tuesday 20th August 2013. Ringsend are expecting another seven GTs, bringing the allocation up to GT113. The buses will replace older AVs one for one, with AV2, AV4, AV5, AV7 and AV105 being noted as withdrawn.

Ringsend's GT105 is seen on the Rossmore Road operating Route 150 on the 24th August 2013.

The GTs have arrived in Ringsend unlocked (referring to the fact that Ringsend have the displays of EV1-8 and GT72-80 restricted to only show Routes 1, 49, 65/B), and have therefore been noted on a variety of Routes. So far I've seen mention of Routes 1, 15, 15A, 15B, 65B and 150. Interestingly none have yet appeared on the 56A which was muted as the route to be allocated them. There was also a surprising lack of GTs on the 49 yesterday (24/08/13). So far, the 150 appears to be mostly allocated the new GTs, and would appear to be the route that will be converted.

GT104 is seen at the Clongriffin Main Street terminus of Route 15 on the 24th August 2013.

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