Photo of the Week - Week 33:

Harristown's AX508 is seen at the UCD Belfield, former 11B terminus at the UCD Sports Centre, operating newly extended Route 142 on the first Friday of operation, the 13th September 2013. Note that AX508 is still displaying the former terminus destination of Rathmines.

It seems strange, but Rathmines has never had a direct link to UCD Belfield. Rathmines is a rental capital of central Dublin, with no doubt many students and staff of UCD living there. One might recall that Route 18 was extended to Donnybrook depot via UCD for a while, mainly to reclaim fuel rebate, a very unsuccessful project, but this route went via Sandymount, and was never intended as a direct link between UCD and Rathmines. One would imagine that it were quicker to walk than to have taken the 18. That said the new 142 is not much better, with Milltown Road being a complete traffic nightmare in the mornings. A good example of this was that I was level with VG13 at the Dropping Well pub and thought it would be a nice shot if I got it at the Nine Arches. Not only did I beat the bus there, while walking, I actually had a minute or so to spare.

Harristown's VG13 is seen heading through the Nine Arches Luas Bridge while operating Route 142 on the 13th September 2013.

Map of the new Route 142 extension to UCD Belfield.

The map above shows the new extension to Route 142. Route 142 had shared a terminus with Route 140 at Palmerstown Park in Rathmines. The new 142 continues straight on at Dartry, operating down the Milltown Road as per the former Route 14A. Whereas the 14A turned right at the Dropping Well, the 142 continues straight on, the first route to operate under the 9 Arches since the original Route 61 (to Churchtown) was cancelled in 1985. The 142 then turns right onto the Dundrum Road, then left onto Bird Avenue. The bus then heads left again heading in the direction of the City Centre for a short distance on the Clonskeagh Road. Thus bus then turns right onto Wynnsward Drive, terminating at the purpose built bus terminus at the UCD Sports Centre, vacated since the withdrawal of Route 11B.

Harristown's Wedding Bus, recently fitted with an LED display, is seen on the Clonskeagh Road operating Route 142 to UCD on the 13th September 2013.

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