Photo of the Week - Week 21:

Donnybrook's AV387 is seen at the Larkhill terminus of Route 44 about to operate the first ever Route 44 from Larkhill to Enniskerry on the 13th May 2012.

One of the stranger changes of Network Direct comes in form of the merger of Routes 3 and 44, with a new route from Larkhill to Enniskerry. Running at hourly intervals for the most part, 7 days a week, this consistent timetable should be welcomed by Larkhill residents, an area that was expected to lose its service fully in Network Direct.

The Enniskerry, southern section, of the route does lose out slightly. However, an hourly frequency is sufficient. There are some lose ends in the timetable, an 75min gap between 0815 and 0930 from Enniskerry. However, as timetables go this ain't too bad, and from observations over the last two days reliability shouldn't be an issue as there is quite decent running time.

AV349 is seen at the Larkhill terminus of new Route 44 on the 14th may 2012.

This running time of 90mins, is further enhanced by the removal of the diversionary loop into and out of Ballyogan in both directions. Ballyogan has significantly benefited by a very high frequency Luas service linking it to Dundrum and the city. It also benefited in Round 1 of Network Direct back in September 2010, with a higher frequency Route 63 which was rerouted to serve the bustling town of Dun Laoghaire.

A sad passing affects Route 44B's Saturday service. There is no real surprise here, but I will have to say I'll miss it. Being based outside of Dublin mid-week, these Saturday departures were a notable focal point of my weekend's photography. WVs in general have almost certainly seen their last on Route 44, with AV/AXs being allocated the past few days. That also sees the RVs off the route, though officially, by the timetable in any case, the route is not low floor. However, in practice, it will be. Another photo of the week will look back at RV and WV operation of Route 44, while an update to the Route 44B feature is imminent.

Two features which have been updated to account for the changes effective on the 13th may 2012 are:

Routes 1,2,3

Routes 16/A/B/C

AV70 is seen at the Route 44 terminus on Glendun Road on the 14th May 2012.

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