Photo of the Week - Week 16:

Conyngham Road's AV227 is seen at the new Liffey Valley Stop of Route 76 on the first day of the new route, the 15th April 2012.

Sunday the 15th April 2012 saw a new realigned Route 76. The new addition to the route is the loop in and out of Liffey Valley, connecting with the 239, while also serving one of Ireland's largest retail centres. I always found it hard to understand the reasoning behind it not serving this centre from the beginning. AV227 is pictured above, having dropped off 3 passengers heading from Ballyfermot. The 76 now offers passengers from Ballyfermot Village a quicker routing to Liffey Valley than is offered by Route 40.

Conyngham Road's AX609 is seen on Route 76 is seen turning West, well actually south towards Ballyfermot, having just departed from its Lucan Road terminus on the 15th April 2012. The display for "76 The Square" has always been available, so no update it seems.

Losses in this round of Network Direct are Routes 210 and 76B. The 76A is all but gone, save for a meagre journey each way in the peaks. Also gone is the Fettercairn section of Route 76. That said the simplification of the routes and the timetables is welcomed, the 30min frequency at all times most being adequate. There were vast times during the day when there was no Fettercairn or Balrothery journeys. In the coming weeks DublinBusStuff will look back at these routes. Stay tuned!!

Connygham Road's AV227 is seen on the Kylemore Road on Route 76 on the 15th April 2012, under the towering Chapelizod By-Pass Bridge. The display shows the old "76 Ballyfermot", no update to show Chapelizod that was correctly ammended in the timetable.

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