Photo of the Week - Week 33/34:

Clontarf's EV80 is seen at the Talbot Street terminus of Route 42 on the 24th August 2014.

Luas cross-city construction has continued to see city centre bus arrangements changed on a weekly basis. This time was the turn of the north-eastern routes. Marlborough Street has been the constant layover point for Dublin City bus services for over 50 years. It will continue for a time, albeit in much reduced form until construction of the Luas platform begins. At that time, layovers there will be finished. Until then Route 130 and Route 27A may still layover at this point. Routes 42 and 43 are shortened, terminating with the 53 at the junction of Talbot Street and Gardiner Street. This was the former terminus of Route 42 in the first half of the 1970s. Outbound the 42 and 43 depart from Talbot Street turning onto Gardiner Street and back onto route on Beresford Place. This means that the consistent Eden Quay terminus for all Malahide Road services is no more. This was a great ammendment that came in with Network Direct, something that had not been the case for over 40 years. Given the running time has not been reduced, one wonders whether the Eden Quay termini could have remained, with the inbound layover point cut short to this spot on Talbot Street. Buses could then just run light to Eden Quay when ready for their outbound departure.

Clontarf's EV89 is seen on Eden Quay operating Route 43 on its last day terminating there on the 23rd August 2014.

Clontarf's GT117 is seen at the new Talbot Street terminus of the Howth Road services about to operate Route 31 on the 24th August 2014.

The Howth Road services also now terminate on Talbor Street. A few bus lengths of bus pull-ins have been provided, though given this was former loading bays/parking it may prove very difficult to police. The location is the former second last stop of services terminating at Marlborough Street. Routes 130 and 27A still stop at this location. The Howth Road services also stop on Lower Abbey Street, with the 29A joinging the 31/A/32 at their former terminus (Stop OV). The 130 moves up a stop to the 29A's former termins (Stop OU) with stop OT decomissioned. Given its proximity to the corner of Marlborough Street, this may well become an area where construction materials will be stored. The 27A also moves up a few stops, it now sharing with the 27B outside Liberty Hall on Eden Quay having formerly shared with the 27.

Harristown's AX624 is seen at the new inbound terminus of Route 27B on Eden Quay on the 24th August 2014.

An interesting outcome of the changes is that Route 27B's inbound routing has been significantly modified. It now avoids Talbot Street, continuing on instead along Amiens Street stopping at the Connolly Station Luas platforms, then using the Contra-Flow bus lane on Custom House Quay before terminating on Eden Quay at the river wall as shown in the photo above. The buses then use the new Rosie Hackett Bridge, right onto Burgh Quay, right onto O'Connell Bridge and then back onto Eden Quay to depart as per usual from outside Liberty Hall on Eden Quay. It is very interesting seeing the 27B on O'Connell Bridge, performing the manouever that the 53A, and the 93 (for those few weeks), did a few years back. One would imagine that given the 27A routing via Talbot Street has been retained that the 27B's current routing may well point to the route's proposed extension to Heuston Station. This routing would be ideal, serving the main entrance to Connolly Station like Route 90.

Harristown's AX517 is seen laying over on Marlborough Street on its last day of terminating there on the 23rd August 2014.

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