Photo of the Week - Week 6:

Donnybrook's EV94 is seen operating Route 17 at Belfield on the second last day of Dublin Bus operation, the 18th January 2019. The demaged logo and drab appearance indicate the hastiness of the wrap removal which occured that week (click on photo for larger version).

I guess you can't get them all. EV94 in its Pendulum Summit/Volvo advert will go down as one of those for me. It really wasn't out all that much, especially not at weekends or over Christmas, not ideal for someone not based in Dublin. The Pendulum summit had just occurred, so I tracked it down on the 18th January ready for my shots of it, only to see a bus in need of some TLC, the hastily removed wrap leaving a drab looking bus with a very damaged logo. This bus was off the road for a few weeks after this photo, so I presume its bright and clean with newly applied paintwork, and a giant green TFI logo, though I've not seen it since this photo (NOTE: I've since been reliably informed that at the time of writing this piece (10/02/19), EV94 was still in the same condition as the photo and had not been repainted). For those who didn't see the wrap in question, you can enjoy Kevin Horgan's and Timmy Butler's excellent shots.

Summerhill's AX462 is seen heading onto O'Connell Street operating Route 120 on the 18th January 2019 in a 3/4 wrap for Note the experimental rear facing camera pod on its offside (click on photo for larger version)

One which thankfully didn't get away was AX462. This bus has been out quite a bit since the advert was applied in August 2018, but though I'd seen it once or twice but just missed it, I had not got a photo of it. Thankfully on the 19th January it was allocated to an all day board on Route 120, which made up somewhat for EV94. The experimental rear camera pod looking towards the rear is an interesting feature showing through the wrap. These have been on both sides of this bus for at least two years now.

A rear shot of AX462 on Parnell Square in its 3/4 BooHoo advert on the 18th January 2019. The experimental rear camera pod is clearer in this shot (click on photo for larger version).

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