Photo of the Week - Week 11:

Summerhill's dual doored Alexander ALX400 bodied Volvo B7TL, AV129, formerly allocated to Airlink duties prior to the arrival of the VG-class, is seen operating a St. Patrick's Day service on Route 20B sitting at its temporary terminus on George's Quay on the 17th March 2011.

Well Paddy's Day came and went. The morning was lovely and bright, the afternoon was a little dull and overcast. Thus I enclose a few of the pictures I took in the morning. Including every photo would just be tiresome, so I will focus only on the south eastern section of the city.

A DublinbusStuff feature would not be the same without a photo of the soon to be withdrawn Route 20B. George's Quay provided an ample terminus for the north east bus services and AV129 is noted above awaiting its departure time. As far as diversions go it was minor with only one or two stops missed. George's Quay had a brief foray as a Dublin terminus with the 222 terminating there in the mid 90s. Then during the Luas construction, the 37, 38 and 70 services were moved there briefly in the Summer of 2001. It was deemed an unsavoury place to wait for one's bus, and given the next stop on these routes was Wood Quay proved a completely unsatisfactory place.

Cross city services however were somewhat more diverted, with Gardiner Street, Memorial Bridge, City Quay, Westland Row, Merrion Square/Lincoln Place providing the new cross city route to replace the over used O'Connell / College Green thoroughfare. VT8 is seen below, Donnybrook utilising their VTs even though it was technically a Sunday service. The backdrop is interesting being the most impressive Custom House fronted by the festival funfare.

Donnybrook's Enviro500 bodied Volvo B9TL, VT8, is seen crossing Memorial Bridge on a diverted Route 46A on the 17th March 2011. The Custom House funfare can be seen on a gloriously sunny March morning.

Route 83 had one of the more interesting diversions of the day operating its normal route from Harristown to Doyle’s Corner, then left to North Circular Road, right to Dorset Street, Gardiner Street, Matt Talbot Bridge, left to City Quay, right to Lombard Street, Westland Row, left to Merrion Square North, right to Merrion Square East, Fitzwilliam Street Lower, Adelaide Road, Kelly’s Corner and back onto normal route to Kimmage. RV588 is seen turning off City Quay onto Lombard Street East.

Harristown's Alexander R bodied Volvo Olympian, RV588, is seen turning from City Quay on St. Patrick's Day diversions on Route 83 on the 17th March 2011.

I finish with two bus maneuvers that were common once, but have long been consigned to the history books, except for diversions that is. AX499 is seen below turning from Merrion Street Lower to Merrion Square North while on diversion. This turn was one of the most common in the city network. Over the years Routes such as the 45, 46, 52 and 63 just to name a few turned left at this junction. In the final photo of EV27 and AX557 are shown turning right from Merrion Square North to Merrion Square East. Again this was once a common turn for buses, as the once high frequency 9 route (Phoenix Park - Donnybrook) turned right here.

Harristown's AX499 is seen operating a diversionary service on Route 128 turning left from merrion Street Lower on the 17th March 2011.

Donnybrook's EV27 and Phibsborough's AX557 are seen turning right from Merrion Square North on Routes 145 and 121 respectively on St. Patrick's Day diversions 17th March 2011.

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