2023 - Update 11:

Phibsboro's SG417 is seen leading a long line of buses at the temporary Ormond Quay terminus during St. Patrick's day festivities on the 17th March 2023 (click on photo for larger version).

This update is a week late due to hosting issues which affected the site the past week, something which has become a lot more common unfortunately with my hoster. Last weekend was Paddy's weekend and as usual the day itself brings a multitude of diversions and temporary termini which brings much variety for the bus enthusiast. The shot above shows Ormond Quay with buses stetching as far as the eye can see, in fact buses continued onto Inns Quay outside the Four Courts at this time. Ormond Quay was used as a terminus for the nearly all routes coming in from the west of city, with the C-Spine and G-Spine and Routes 26, 37, 39/A and 70 being the principal routes. Because these services are all cross-city, with buses stopping short at Ormond Quay, there was plenty of running time to keep the same timetable hence the massive queue of buses.

Harristown's GT49 is seen operating Route 83 at The Coombe turning onto St. Luke's Avenue on the 17th March 2023 (click on photo for larger version).

Like ususal there were some very meandering routes. The 83 as shown above continued from Church Street across onto Bridge Street, Thomas Street, Francis Street (returning Meath Street), St. Luke's Avenue, Cork Street, South Circular Road and then back onto its route at Camden Way. Meanwhile the 27 also diverted from Cork Street via The Coombe, Meath Street, Thomas Street, Bridge Street, Church Street, Phibsboro Road, North Circular Road, Dorset Street and Gardiner Street, returning to its normal route at Beresford Place. The 27 suffered during the day for timekeeping and many times were bunched. The logic of running such a long diversion to cover what would be such a short section normally has to be questioned, especially when a lot of the roads it traverses are also those used by traffic being diverted around the city and were quite clogged.

Clontarf's GT65 is seen operating Route 27 performing a normally illegal right turn from Phibsborough Road to the North Circular Road at Doyle's Corner on the 17th March 2023 (click on photo for larger version).

On the north side, many routes coming from the north or the north west terminated at Mountjoy Square, such as Routes 33, 38/A, 40B/D, 41/B/C and 120. The 7's terminated there as usual, though utilising Gardiner Street, Beresford Place, City Quay and Westland Row to get back on route. Joining it there was the 145, which also used the same routing to Westland Row, heading then up Merrion Street and Pembroke Street to get back on route in Leeson Street. Georges Quay was also used as a terminus point for routes heading in from the north-east such as the H-Spine, or the 27A, 53, 130 etc.

Phibsboro's PA160 is seen operating Route 38 at its temporary terminus of Mountjoy Square North on the 17th March 2023, utilising the 38C display to remind passengers that it would not head cross-city (click on photo for larger version).

Clontarf's EV80 is seen operating Route 27A turning from its temporary terminus on Georges Quay onto Butt Bridge on the 17th March 2023 (click on photo for larger version).

Diverions most years follow the same pattern, as the roads used by the parade is pretty consistent. However, there is one notable change from before Covid, first implemented last year, as the Merrion Square Fun Fair, with rides etc, is no longer run. Thus for most cross-city routes utilising Gardiner Street, Memorial Bridge, City Quay and Westland Row, the Merrion Square West closure for the fair in previous years meant a routing around Merrion Square and Fitzwilliam Street. These days buses can proceed via Merrion Square West, Merrion Street Upper, Pembroke Street, and Leeson Street.

Ringsend's SG538 is seen operating a diverted Route 65 on Merrion Street Upper leading a line of diverted buses on the 17th March 2023 (click on photo for larger version).

Summerhill's PA61 is seen on Ely Place operating a diverted Route 15A to Merrion Square on the 17th March 2023 (click on photo for larger version).

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