2022 - Update 3:

Broadstone's EV49 is seen outside HQ on O'Connell Street on ticket sales duty in its St. Patrick's Festival Wrap on the 20th March 2022 (click on photo for larger version).

The hopes of updating the website more often than last year hasn't gone well thus far, but after Easter there will be regular updates to these pages. Of note this week is the appearance of EV49 in a livery celebrating St. Patrick's Festival. The bus appeared in Dublin's St. Patrick's Day Parade and was posted outside O'Connell Street HQ for most of the weekend. It was notable this weekend just how frequent the tours were running, and it was great to see so many tour buses and to see them busy once more, another sign of the world returning to normality after so long.

A rear shot of EV49 highlighting the good weather in Dublin for the St. Patrick's Festival (click on photo for larger version).

A nearside show of EV49 (click on photo for larger version).

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