Photo of the Week - Week 39/40:

Harristown's brand new GT133 is seen at the Kimmage Terminus of Route 83 on the 16th November 2013.

Nearly all of the remaining GTs (GT81-160) have been delivered and are entering service, with up GT150 having been noted in service. Conyngham Road put GT123, GT124 and GT126 into service on the 12th November. GT125 and GT127 are still pending, though will surely enter service there soon. Harristown had new GTs into service from the 6th November, mainly spotted on euro duties for the first few days, and Route 102 over the weekend. From the week begining 12th November, Route 83's allocation changed to GT. This differs from the original plan announced on these pages, which suggested that Route 140 would be Harristown's chosen route. So far GT128 to GT139 have been noted in service, with GT140 to GT142 expected in service shortly. Phibsborough became the last depot to put GTs into service when they allocated GTs to the 9 from the 12th November 2013. Phibsborough had not gotten an allocation from the first batch GT1-80. GT144 to GT150 have all been noted in service.

Phibsborough's GT149 is seen at the Limekiln Avenue terminus of Route 9 on the 16th November 2013.

Harristown's GT139 is seen on Essex Quay operating a Route 83 service to the Sunday terminus of Charlestown Shopping Centre on the 17th November 2013.

The reason for such a large influx of buses in the last week or so was that they were being stored pending the outcome of the industrial action polls within the company, which resulted in the cost-cutting measures being implemented. Obviously there has been a number of withdrawals with the arrival of these latest batch, some old (non-LED) AVs from Harristown, Phibsborough and Summerhill which were expected. There has also been a number of AX transfers between the garages, while AV299-AV301 are now operating out of Summerhill ex Phibsborough, with more of this batch expected to replace the remaining AVs from the AV109-AV130 batch.

Phibsborough's GT145 is seen operating Route 9 on O'Connell Street on the 16th November 2013.

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