Photo of the Week - Week 25:

AX523 is seen at the Enniskerry terminus of Route 44 in its Pride tri-sided advert on the 25th June 2017.

Donnybrook's AX523 received a tri-sided advert this week. Having appeared for some publicity shots in Broadstone on Monday 19th June, the bus was quick into service on an evening Route 11 duty. It saw service on a number of Donnybrook's routes this week, most often Route 11 but also appearing on Routes 7/A, 46A and 145. The advert is extremely colourful, being the rainbow flag quintessentially representative of Pride Parades across the world. AX523 took part in the Pride parade in Dublin City on the 24th June 2017, along with open-top EV21, highlighting Dublin Bus' long time support of the Pride parade in Dublin.

A rear shot of AX523 on Route 44 on Glendun Road on the 25th June 2017.

Allocated to Route 44 on Sunday the 25th June, AX523 experienced technical difficulties with its LED display, being unable to display anything. It was therefore a return for the paper route number in the window, which coupled with some professional driving ensured nobody missed out on the 44. AX523 was expected to remain in this advert livery for a short time, being due for a repaint in the coming weeks, no doubt the last given its age. Hopefully the technical difficulties can be resolved so that AX523 is seen in service in this livery some more.

AX523 is seen turning onto Collins Avenue West from Larkhill Road on the 25th June 2017.

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