Photo of the Week - Week 51:

RV597 is seen operating Route 46E on the Stillorgan Road on the 29th August 2012, just prior to its ultimate withdrawal.

I've been finding my RV photos once again, as minimal visits to Dublin constrain my abilities to get new stuff. However, the oldies can often be the better ones. The image above comes from August 2012. The first GTs would enter service 2 days after this shot, so Donnybrook's RVs were on borrowed time. RV597 had been regularly marked in on this departure for a while, returning as a 46A from the city. RV597 would see out another 3 weeks before its eventual withdrawal, as the numbers of RVs quickly dwindled. Route 46E by itself is an interesting catch. A morning only service from Blackrock Station to Mountjoy Square via "the QBC". It operates really as almost 2 services, being principally a school bus from Blackrock to Stillorgan, before then becoming a commuter service helping out on the peak service. There are a lot more than the 2 going around nowadays. Previously morning shorts (extras) on the 46A had shown 46A Mountjoy Square, but these are predominantly dressed as 46E nowadays.

RV597 is seen operating Route 17 on Sundrive Road on the 15th May 2011.

RV597 is seen operating Route 44 on Merrion Square West on the 22nd May 2011.

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