Photo of the Week - Week 36:

Donnybrook's RV598 is seen operating an extremely rare departure on Ringsend operated Route 49 on Belgard Square West on the 30th August 2012.

I was up in Dublin for the past few days trying to get the last of them RVs. With the GTs a week or so away from full service in Donnybrook, the RVs there are on borrowed time. With subsequent cascading of buses as further GTs are delivered, it is evident that the RVs will not be as prevelant as they are now, and even now they are rare. So I couldn't believe my luck when RV598, which had operated the 0805 46E ex Blackrock, then operated the 0900 Route 54A. Incredibly rare, I haven't seen RVs on this route in some time. Hence, with the help of a 77A, I ran as fast as my legs could carry me to get a shot at Kiltipper, not knowing it would spend the whole day on Route 54A.

RV598 at the Kiltipper Way terminus of Route 54A about to operate the 1015 service to Pearse Street on the 30th August 2012.

Well, most of the day :-). After operating the 1015, RV598 was due for a handover in Pearse Street, before operating the 1130 ex Pearse Street. And thus, with both buses probably dressed for Out of Service, the 54A driver took the AV sitting there, AV252, for the 1130 ex Pearse Street. This left only RV598 for the 1145 Route 49 ex Pearse Street. I had been watching the RTPI for the RV to return, however when the bus showed as low floor I thought nothing more and was leaving Tallaght. Then I noted AV252 driving past and realised what must have happened. Scurrying to the Square, I was able to catch RV598 on its rare holiday onto a Ringsend service before the subsequent switch back. The 1245 Route 54A ex Kiltipper was then correctly operated by RV598, and everyone was happy again. Especially me, as I had got the shot.

RV598 is seen on the Belgard Road operating the 1245 ex Kiltipper heading to Pearse Street on the 54A on the 30th August 2012.

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