Photo of the Week - Week 7:

Clontarf's former?? Volvo Olympian, RV634, is seen operating Route 16 to Santry on the 21st February 2011.

At the beginning of last week only 3 RVs remained at Clontarf, RV632-RV634. As of this week this number may be down to two. RV634 was seen today operating a number of laps on Route 16. It has not yet been ascertained as to whether this is a transfer or just a temporary allocation in lieu of some other bus.

RV633 was delivered in the then Core Blue/Cream livery in November 1999, but went into store pending allocation. It wasn't until the summer of 2000 that it was allocated to Phibsborough Garage for Routes 19/A. In October of 2004, upon the opening of Harristown, it transferred there. In July 2009, it along with RV632 and RV633 were transferred to Clontarf for operations there. As of today (21/2/2011), RV634 finds itself operating in Summerhill on Route 16. This is interesting as Summerhill were allocated RV635-RV640 from new, and have all since departed the fleet. Eleven years on and Summerhill finds itself once more having the numerically youngest RV in the fleet.

The picture above shows RV634 operating a mid-afternoon service on Route 16. Only a few months previously DublinBusStuff caught up with RV634 at the Clare Hall terminus of Route 29A. The 29A and the 27 are the sole routes operated by RVs in Clontarf. Fittingly, from this photos point of view, was that both RV632 and RV633 were operating Route 29A in the evening peak this evening.

RV634 is seen laying over on the Clare Hall Road awaiting its departure time to the city on the 16th November 2010.

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