Photo of the Week - Week 9:

Phibsborough's RV637 is seen at Rathbourne Avenue terminus of Route 120 on the 14th October 2010.

I had a different idea for this week's feature, however I forgot to bring this weekend's photos to Limerick so those photos will wait for next week. In other news, I'm still pining over my Canon G12. I went through my records and found the first photo I ever took with it. RV637 on Route 120 not long before the eventual withdrawal of RVs in Phibsborough. The Canon G12 had just been purchased that lunchtime, unpacked and inspected at work and finally, with a friend advising of an afterwork duty on the 120, I decided to see what the G12 could do.

It was late on a mid-October evening. My experiences with cameras suggested that there was no way that I was getting a crisp photo, my previous cameras had not been worth anything beyond ISO100. I was shocked at the crispness of the photo, hand held on my hunkers on the road. No tripod required. In fact that night upon arrival in the city centre I found out that the Canon was capable of much more in even darker conditions. I've been pressing F5 continuously online for the Canon G1X, well specifially European stock Canon G1X's and I've been pestering the camera shops in Dublin. But as of yet I'm still waiting for my new camera. Hopefully its results will match those above.

Phibsborough's RV637 is seen on Parnell Square East operating Route 122 on the 19th November 2010, the second last day of RV operation in Phibsborough.

RV637 was one of the last five RVs in Phibsborough in late 2010, namely RV636-640. For the last year or so, they were confined solely to Cabra routes 120, 121 and 122, even though the 122 was designated low floor. However, this designation is not always reliable. RV637 would enter service early in 2000 in Summerhill garage, finally ending its days in Phibsborough. Upon it, and the rest of the batch's witdrawal, Phibsborough would become the first fully low floor garage. The final image shows RV637 on Route 121. Its strange how quickly a photo dates, a withdrawn bus on a withdrawn route. It was taken with the generation before the Canon G12, I think the difference in sharpness even at this low resolution is obvious. Hopefully the next generation of Dublinbusstuff's cameras will offer the same upgrade.

Phibsborough's RV637 is seen on Route 121 at the O'Connell Street stop on the 17th September 2010.

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