Photo of the Week - Week 19:

Donnybrook's ALX400-bodied Volvo B7TL, AV397, is seen in its new all over wrap for HB promoting their new "Random Act of Happiness" campaign on its first day in service on Route 17 at Blackrock Station on the 14th May 2011.

People always say that random things happen on a full moon. Well does it get any more random than the new HB AOA on AV397. Its been some time since the last AOA, and Dublin Bus has returned to the concept in some style with the attractive livery applied to AV397. For an excellent feature on the new AV397 see, which contains photos of the bus in progress of wrapping, and more from the first day in service, including two from DublinBusStuff.

AV397 entered service on Saturday on an afternoon shift on Route 17. The photo below shows it starting its duty on the 1610 service from St. Vincent's Hospital to Rialto. This service departs from Nutley Lane (First Stop) where there is ample room for layover, heading along Nutley Lane onto Stillorgan Road and into Belfield where it rejoins its route. Services in the other direction to St. Vincent's Hospital operate the standard route to Mount Merrion Avenue, but instead of turning right into Blackrock, turn left onto the Rock Road terminating outside St. Vincent's on the Merrion Road. Hence Route 17 services to and from Vincents operate in one direction in loop form.

AV397 is seen on Nutley Lane awaiting its time for its 1610 service from St. Vincent's Hospital to Rialto on the 14th May 2011.

AV397 has been busy since its AOA application. With Saturday being its first day in service, it found itself on Route 17. Then on Sunday it was on the 14 group of routes, Monday it was on the 47s, Tuesday the 46As and finally today it saw service on the 7s. The final photo below shows it operating Route 47 on Monday.

A low more has happened this week, so there will be a few more Images of the Week in quick succession. In the next few days expect a few photos commemorating the passing of Route 121 along with the rerouting of Route 150. This will contain reference and photos of the new transfers to Ringsend. Then another feature will look at the WVs transferred from Ringsend to Donnybrook. The author would like to note that this feature would not be possible without the hard work of the group.

AV397 is seen on the 47 on Merrion Square North on the 16th May 2011.

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