2024 - Update 6:

Ringsend's EV64 is seen operating Route 27 on the Malahide Road on the 22nd February 2024 (click on photo for larger version).

Not content with its shock reintroduction of AXs, Ringsend continued its reintroduction of older fleet types by reintroducing the EV class with former Conyngham Road's EV64, which entered service in Ringsend on the 6th February 2024. EV64 was originally withdrawn from Conyngham Road in October 2022 with the introduction of the G-Spine and had only just returned to service in Conyngham Road at the end of November 2023, before then moving onto Ringsend. EV64 has a unique paint scheme around its destination display compared to the other EVs in Dublin Bus' fleet (yellow lines above and below), an anomoly due to its repaint from Wedding Bus livery.

EV64 operating Route 26 on O'Connell Bridge during its brief reintroduction to Conyngham Road on the 22nd December 2023 (click on photo for larger version).

EV64 has appeared quite often on these pages over the years, due to it being a wedding bus, then getting its unique livery and also being wrapped in a Pride livery in 2019.

  • On Route 25A on the first day of ucan Road Network Direct introduction back in 2010
  • On a rare allocation to Route 78A back in 2011
  • Repainted out of its wedding livery operating Route 151 back in 2017
  • In its Pride tri-sided wrap operating Route 68 in 2019.

EV64 while in its Wedding livery operating Route 68 on Dame Street on the 20th April 2013 (click on photo for larger version).

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