Photo of the Week - Week 12:

Donnybrook's SG311 is seen at the Bray Station terminus of Route 155 about to operate the first 0800 departure on the 24th March 2019 (click on photo for larger version).

Dublin's latest new route, Route 155, was introduced on the 24th March 2018. The route runs from Bray Station in Co Wicklow, to Ikea in Ballymun, Dublin 11. Operating from Bray Station, the route joins the 145 at Bray Main Street operating as per Route 145 to Dawson Street, continuing to Nassau Street, Grafton Street and College Green to Westmoreland Street. The route crosses O'Connell Bridge to O'Connell Street before continuing to Ballymun as per Route 4, before leaving the Ballymun Road along St. Margaret's Road to Ikea, having setdown and pickup stops directly outside Ikea's entrance on the St. Margaret's Road. The route provides extra capacity along existing routes, rather than necessarily providing too many new connections. On the southside, the 46As have lost their VT allocation, so extra capacity is needed, however without interlacing these may run in tandem with 145s all the way from Bray. On the northside, the route runs north through Phibsborough towards DCU, a corridor which was severely cut during Network Direct. But both the 4 and 13 have had service improvements recently due to bus displacement from Go Ahead acquisitions, so it will be interesting to see how well the new route does. Let's hope extremely well, as Dublin hasn't had too many brand new routes recently.

Donnybrook's SG116 is seen at the St. Margaret's Road set down stops of Route 155 at Ikea on the 24th March 2019. There is space for at least 4 buses at the new pull in area, the first pick up stop being slighly further ahead of this photo (click on photo for larger version).

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