Photo of the Week - Week 39:

Ringsend's AX519 is seen on Camden Street operating new Route 15D on the 2nd October 2017 (click on photo for larger version).

A new route 15D began operation on the 18th Setember 2017 operating from Ringsend Road to Whitechurch. In reality, this service already existed being a timetable variant of the 15B. The original route 15D operated from Limekiln Avenue via Rossmore, Templeogue Village and served Camden Street and Aungier Street to the city (now the norm but a peak hour variant for the 15 services at the time). The 15s association with Whitechurch dates back to autumn of 1999 and the withdrawal of the 47 services to Whitechurch/Rockbrook/Tibradden/Grange Road. The 15C was introduced to serve Whitechurch. There was one solitary 15B service to Whitechurch during these days, the service being fully extended to Whitechurch on 30th September 2008 with the withdrawal of Route 15C. This was quite an increase in service for Whitechurch. The 15B was removed from Whitechurch as part of Network Direct upon the introduction of Route 61 in August 2011, but some peak hour extras were added as part of the new 15B in December 2011. These services have continued as such, being withdrawn for the summer in most recent times, up to the present renumbering as Route 15D. It should be noted that these are truly 15B buses, for example the 1500 ex Ringsend Road continues special from Whitechurch to Stocking Avenue to take up a 15B service to the city.

Ringsend's RV622 is seen on Sir John Rogerson's Quay operating the later of the then two 15B services to Whitechurch daily on the 30th August 2012. Notable is the little sticker of the Dublin Jersey on the destination display which made RV622 quite distinctive in its later days (click on photo for larger version).

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