Photo of the Week - Week 50:

Harristown's AX547 is seen at the Boombridge Luas Terminus of Route 40E having operated the first departure of Route 40E from Tyrellstown on the 2nd December 2018. The headplate has since been updated to indicate its a 40E bus stop (click on photo for larger version).

Another recent development which took place on the 2nd December was the launch of much awaited Route 40E, possible due to the free up of buses in Harristown given Go Ahead taking over Routes 17A, 33B and 102. The route operates from Tyrellstown, serving the stops near Hollystown, Michelstown Road, Cappagh Road (stopping at the gates of the hospital), Cardiffsbridge Road in West Finglas, back onto Cappagh Road into Cabra and onto Broombridge Road to serve the Luas Interchange (see a route map here). Its hoped that this service will do well, though it will be remembered many of the DART feeders weren't successful. It has some advantages over the DART feeders, in that Tyrellstown is a large area which is reasonably underserved, Hollystown has only a few 40D departures before, the roads it serves to the north of Ballycoolin Road are unqiue, and the Luas is much more frequent than the DART was during the 80s. The first departure of Route 40E, the 0715 from Tyrellstown on Sunday 2nd December had no fewer than 7 passengers who connected with the first Luas from Broombridge. Overall, the route has clear joined up thinking.

Harristown's AX550 is seen at the Tyrellstown terminus of Route 40E (shared with the 40D and 238) on the first day of operation, the 2nd December 2018 (click on photo for larger version).

One important hitch in this service could well be the inability of the bus to serve this route through Hollystown much longer. Fingal County Council have indicated their intention to close the section of the R121 between Hollystown and Tyrellstown which is currently used by Route 40E. Hopefully for residents of Hollystown a solution can be found, becuase it is likely that Tyrellstown being the more populated of the two areas would be served if a choice had to be made between the two.

An offside photo of AX547 having arrived in Broombridge on the first 40E departure on the 2nd December 2018 (click on photo for larger version).

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