Photo of the Week - Week 35:

Summerhill's SG192 is seen operating Route 44C on Collins Avenue West on the 1st July 2020 (click on photo for larger version).

On the 13th May 2012, Network Direct came to Whitehall. Route 3 was cancelled, and the 44 extended northwards to serve Larkhill, operating every 60mins. This frequency was not considered sufficient for the Larkhill area, so instead three Route 16 departures operated from Larkhill in the morning peak (2 16Cs to O'Connell St and 1 16 to Ballinteer), thus boosting the frequency to every 30mins. The last 16C departure from Larkhill at 0900 was problematic due to terrible parking conditions near the local primary school and was unofficially (not in timetable) removed from Larkhill. The 16 got a new timetable in December 2018, with the only surviving Larkhill departure of the 3 being the 0800 16 from Larkhill to Ballinteer. This then went special to Balbriggan to form a 33 service into the city. The 0700 16C was dropped, as officially was the 0900 16C from Larkhill. On the 26th January 2020, it was changed once again with the 0800 Larkhill Route 16 departure being withdrawn, replaced by a 44C service from Larkhill to O'Connell Street, with an additional 44C depature from Larkhill at 0700. The 0700 service is operated by a Harristown universal which then forms a 33 to Skerries at 0805 from Lower Abbey Street, while the 0800 is operated by Summerhill, the bus then also becoming a 33 from Lower Abbey Street at 0850, returning at 1111 from Balbriggan.

Harristown's SG587 is seen operating the 0805 Route 33 service to Skerries on the Swords Road on the 1st July 2020 (click on photo for larger version).

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