Route 757 (July 2017 Update):

Summerhill's VG38 is seen operating Route 757 on Store Street overtaking VG36 on Route747 on the 16th June 2017.

Another recent development was the ammendment of Route 747 and 757 on the 21st May 2017. The changes principally affected the 757 which was reduced in frequency, from every 20mins daytime to every 30mins, while also being routed away from the Cardiff Lane area to head more into the city. The 757 follows its original routing from Dublin Airport to the Convention Centre on North Wall, but instead of using the Samuel Beckett Bridge it continues along the Quays. Inbound it serves Eden Quay as its main city stop, while outbound Bus Aras is the principal stop. These locations are where driver changes occur, as opposed to Cardiff Lane which had previously been used. The bus uses Townsend Street to head back to its former routing at Westland Row. Outbound buses continue along Pearse Street, stopping outside the Trinity Capitol Hotel, then Tara Street, Beresford Place, Bus Aras, and Custom House Quay, mirroring Route 747 and all its stops to Dublin Airport. This prevents sepearte stops for these two services around the IFSC/North Wall, thus helping the headway on this busy airport service.

The new city routing of Route 757 from the 21st May 2017

Summerhill's VG47 is seen at the Store Street, Bus Aras, stop of Route 757 on the 17th June 2017.

The 747 also obtained a few new stops on its routing. Most notable of these is its new stop at the Hugh Lane Gallery on Parnell Square North. The new Luas line on O'Connell Street means that it is no longer possible for the 747 to turn from O'Connell Street to Cathal Brugha Street, and therefore the 747 and 123 are sent on a pretty long detour around Parnell Square. The 747 has taken advantage of this by stopping here, not a bad spot given the number of hotels/guesthouses in the general vacinity.

Summerhill's VG33 is seen operating Route 747 on Parnell Square East on the 16th June 2017.

Summerhill's VG30 is seen passing by the Custom House on Route 757 on the 16th June 2017. The 757 uses this contra-flow bus lane to access its new stop on Eden Quay.

Route 757 (Sept 2016):

Summerhill's then recently acquired VG27 is seen operating Route 757 at the Charlotte Way terminus on the 16th July 2016.

There has been limited new routes in the past few years, with minor additions such as the 25D or 38D being limited examples. With booming tourist numbers into Dublin Airport recently, Dublin Bus have invested in a new cross-city Airlink service numbered Route 757. It began operation on the 26th June 2016. Route 757 is an express service from Dublin Airport, serving both terminals 1 and 2, operating direct to towards the city via the Port Tunnel. It serves the National Convention Centre and IFSC, before heading southside to serve the south Dublin Docklands, Pearse Station, Merrion Square, St. Stephen's Green, terminating in the Camden Street area of Dublin. It operates every 20mins daytime.

Map showing the route of Route 757 (click on map for larger version).

Summerhill's VG46 is seen on Harcourt Road operating Route 757 on the 16th July 2016. The route is actually just approaching its Camden Way terminus

Summerhill's VG44 is seen operating Route 757 on Samual Beckett Bridge on the 16th July 2016.

In order to run the service a number of VG class buses were acquired from Harristown to increase Summerhill's allocation. VG27-VG33 were the transferred buses, giving Summerhill a neat allocation of VG27-VG50, all now in Airlink livery. Initial observations seem to show good loadings, so hopefully Dublin Bus are on to a winner with this service.

Route 757's introduction has reactivated the stop of Merrion Square West, which was always an interesting terminus in the latter days of Route 45. VG41 is seen at the Merrion Square West stop on the 16th July 2016.

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