Photo of the Week - Week 8:

Phibsborough's AV376 is seen on Reilly's Bridge on the Ratoath Road operating Route 120 on the 22nd February 2014.

The new bridge that replaces the old Reilly's Bridge over the canal opened yesterday, the 24th February 2015. This bridge was directly after a railway level crossing which lead to large delays on Route 120. It was also notoriously narrow as the photo above suggests. The new bridge is a wide thoroughfare, crossing the canal and the railway and removing the need for a level crossing. This is a great upgrade to the 120 route.

AV304 is seen in its Phibsorough days prior to transfer to Summerhill, operating Route 120 on one of the few morning departures to Ballsbridge on Leinster Street South on the 2nd August 2013.

The 120 hasn't appeared much on these pages since the RVs left. On the 24th July 2011 as part of the Network Direct changes, Route 120 had three morning and evening departures extended to Ballsbridge. It is interesting when you find these rare departures, they still stand out. They offer a great capacity boost on the corridor, and were unusual in being a rare Network Direct rare suffixed departure introduction. Hopefully, with Dublin Bus performance improving and the fleet expanding once again, we will see a few more suffixes, though probably not to the level of once before. Though we can always hope, what's rare is wonderful.

Phibsborough's AV307 is seen loading a fair crowd on Nassau Street heading to Ballsbridge on Route 120 on the 19th June 2014.

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