Photo of the Week - Week 25:

Phibsborough's Alexander ALX400-bodied Volvo B7TL, AV180, at the layover bay in Blanchardstown Centre about to operate a 238 circular service on the 25th June 2010.

The 238 began operating as a local feeder service upon the opening of Blanchardstown Shopping Centre in 1996. It was originally operated from Phibsborough Garage however upon the opening of Harristown it moved there, along with the 237, 239 and 270. Well that is except for one departure that remains Phibsborough operated, the 1830 Monday-Friday service. On the 25th June AV180 had the honours of operating this service, having just completed a couple of laps on the 236 "Factory Link" circular service. The 238 is set to cease operation in the next month as part of the Network Review of Blanchardstown services.

Like all routes operating in the Ballycoolin area, the 238 was affected by road works on the Ballycoolin Road from the 9th October 2009. All routes in the area were diverted via Ballycoolin Industrial Estate through a new bus gate. The roadworks on the Ballycoolin Road have long since been completed but the diversions as laid out last year still apply. Unfortunately the road network in this region comprise of industrial estate access roads that remain nameless on the OS map, but the 238's current route is as follows:

Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, Blanchardstown Road South, Mulhuddart Road, Church Road, Ladyswell Road (to first roundabout and loop back out), Castlecurragh Road, Blanchardstown Road North, Kilshane Way, Right at first roundabout (at the ESB Depot), on the OS map there is a gap between this road and the road leading towards Ballycoolin Business Park however here there is now a bus gate, it follows this road taking the 3rd right after the bus gate (previously served by the 238), straight through the junction onto Snugborough Road, Corduff Place, Corduff Way, Blackcourt Avenue, Blackcourt Road, Blanchardstown Road North, Blanchardstown Road South, Blanchardstown Centre.

Phibsborough's AV180, with one over exuberant headlight, is seen heading towards Ballycoolin Business Park through the bus gate on the 25th June 2010. The bollard is half way down having already sensed the imminent arrival of the bus.

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