Photo of the Week - Week 20:

Phibsboro's VT45 is seen operating Route 33X on Custom House Quay on the 31st August 2018 (click on photo for larger version).

The 33X service has always been interesting for photos. Following the collapse of the Rogerstown Viaduct in 2009, this service went from one bus a day to an all day service until the viaduct was restored. This required help from all garages, with buses brought back into service from storage. However, upon restoration of the viaduct, there was a still a market for the 33X, with travellers in Rush and Lusk especially having a better option by bus than train. The service was jointly operated by Summerhill, Harristown and Phibsboro. Phibsboro assigned VTs to the service, which they had consistently done since the Rogerstown Viaduct collapse. This ended on the 15th September 2017, when the 33X duties moved from Phibsboro to Harristown, without a timetable change. These days the 33X gets a varied mix of buses, with at least a few EVs, which seem to be mostly Euro duty buses these days. Its worth noting that Phibsboro still serve this section of North Dublin, still operating universals on Route 33.

Phibsboro's VT69 is seen operating Route 33X on Nassau Street on the 20th June 2014 (click on photo for larger version).

Harristown's EV71 is seen passing Pearse Station on Westland Row operating Route 33X on the 26th March 2018 on one of the former Phibsboro departures (click on photo for larger version).

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