Photo of the Week - Week 27:

Phibsborough's AX592 having just arrived in Damastown on a 38A on a drizzy 10th July 2010.

On Sunday 3rd March 2002 Routes 38/A were extended to Damastown, serving the IBM location there, from their previous Ladyswell terminus. Damastown is one of the lesser visited termini, so Dublinbusstuff took the oportunity to visit on a wet and dreary 10th July.

AX592 above operated an afternoon departure as Route 38A to Damastown, returning as Route 38 back to the city. This would not be uncommon as most return journeys would entail both a 38 and a 38A.

The most recent OS map (2010-2011 - 8th Edition) has a couple of errors on it, as did the 7th edition previously. Both show the teminus to be on Damastown Road junction Damastown Close in error. The terminus is further up into the estate, which in both editions is indicated by a green line and in the 7th edition of the map the 38A is shown terminating at this correct location.

In the photo above AX592 has operated up Damstown Drive and followed the road around to the left to the roundabout. It has then taken a left and used a turning area to loop around. The trees behind the bus adjoin the river flowing alongside this road.

In terms of the 38/A there are some subtle differences that may not be obvious from the timetable. The main difference is that the 38 uses Auburn Avenue and serves Catleknock while the 38A uses Blanchardstown By-Pass, using the Snugborough Road junction. The routings around Corduff also differ. They both turn left off Snugborough Road onto Edgewood Lawns, then a quick right onto Corduff Place, Corduff Way, Blackcourt Avenue. At the junction with Blackcourt Road and Avenue they differ. The 38 truns right onto Blackcourt Road then left onto Blanchardstown Road North, harking back to the days of the 38C which performed a loop of the estate in this fashion. The 38A on the other hand turns left onto Blackcourt Road. The 38A will then head straight through the junction with Blanch Road North to Castlecurragh Estate and onto Ladyswell Road, while the 38 continues down Blanch Road North serving Mulhuddart Road and Church Road to Ladyswell Road.

From there they both coninue straight on down Damastown Road, turning right onto Damastown Drive, straight through the first roundabout and following the road around to the left before terminating at the next roundabout. The return journeys are basically the reverse of the outward journey except for one difference in the Corduff estate routing. The 38A will continue straight on from Castlecurragh estate into Blackcourt Road. The 38 also serves this section of Blackcourt Road on its inbound, turning right off Blanch Road North at the junction with Castlcurragh Estate.

Phibsborough's Alexander Dennis ALX400-bodied, Volvo B7LDD, AX592 is seen loading at its terminus on Damstown Drive on the 10th July 2010 preparing to return as a Route 38 departure to the city.

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