Photo of the Week - Week 43:

Phibsborough's SG465 is seen operating a peak hour departure on Route 25A on Aston Quay on the 19th October 2018, less than 24 hours after it entered service. The lack of adverts shows its newness, as does the white paper in the driver side window, which is Wright's product information for this bus (click on photo for larger version).

Its a great time for bus investment in Dublin with more SGs hitting the streets. Since September, this year's batch of fleet replacement buses have started to arrive. The early batch in 2018 (up to SG446) were principally replacements for vehicles transferred to Go Ahead. SG447 entered service in Conyngham Road on the 11th September 2018, the batch SG447-SG461 being complete with the entry into service of SG461 on the 8th October 2018. This batch entered service in ones or twos, however the next batch for Phibsborough initially entered service in a large batch, with no less than SG462-SG470 entering service between the 18th October and the 20th October. SG471, with its unique trial white LED display, entered service on the 24th October.

Conyngham Road's SG461 is seen operating Route 40 on O'Connell Street on the 19th October 2018 (click on photo for larger version).

Phibsborough's SG469 is seen on its first day in service operating Route 9 on Aungier Street on the 20th October 2018 (click on photo for larger version).

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