Photo of the Week - Week 22:

Donnybrook's ALX400-bodied Volvo B7LDD, AX537, is seen at Mackintosh Park operating the last ever Route 7A on the 24th June 2011.

The withdrawal of routes continues, this time in Donnybrook garage which withdrew 4 routes at the weekend, the 5, 7A, 11A and 11B. This also involved the extension of Route 11 to Sandyford Industrial Estate, being withdrawn from its Kilmacud terminus, and the extension of Route 7 to terminate at Mountjoy Square.

The 7A was introduced in 1950 as an extension to Route 7, quickly replacing it. The 7A went to Sallynoggin, terminating at the square at Pearse Villas, though buses went the opposite way around than the current 7 operates. After Route 58's withdrawal, there were no buses to Mackintosh Park and hence Route 7 was extended there in 1988. This was the first service from Mackintosh Park to the City Centre as the 58 was only a Dun Laoghaire route. Now Mackintosh is back to the old routine, with the 59 being the Dun Laoghaire route.

AX644 about to operate the very last departure from Sandyford Industrial Estate, the 1730 service to O'Connell Street, on Blackthorn Road on the 25th June 2011.

AX644 operating the very last Route 5 service, the 1830 from O'Connell Street, on Trees Road Lower on the 25th June 2011.

The bus route 5 began in 1952 operating to Kilmacud. It was further extended to Beaufield (the now disused Kilmacud terminus) in the early 70s, before being extended to Upper Kilmacud Road (Lakelands Drive) a few years later. In December 87, as part of previous cost cutting measures, Route 6A was withdrawn and Route 5 extended to Sandyford Industrial Estate as replacement.

AX539 is seen on Mather Road North about the operate a Route 11A service to Wadelai Park on the last day of this terminus, the 25th June 2011.

AV135 is shown turning right from the former Kilmacud terminus on the final day of this terminus, the 25th June 2011.

AX619 seen at the new Red Cube terminus of Route 11 on Blackthorn Road awaiting its time for departure to Wadelai on the 26th June 2011.

The 11A's withdrawal brings to an end the long life of this route. It was first introduced on the 1st May 1939 with the withdrawal of the 11 tram on the northside running from Nelson's Pillar to Griffith Avenue. It was withdrawn the following month with the full conversion of tram route 11 to bus operation. It was reintroduced in 1965 as an extended 11 terminating on Foster's Avenue. With Owenstown Park being used as an entry to Belfield, the Mackintosh Park terminus was introduced in the early 1970s. The terminus will no doubt be lost to time after its 40 year history.

The 11B was introduced in 1970. Introduced intially as shorts from Parnell Square it was eventually extended northside. The 11B always travelled via Bird Avenue on its return to the city, serving the old 11 terminus there.

The 11 itself sees an extension from the Kilmacud terminus to Sandyford Industrial Estate, operating basically the old 11C route. The 11C was introduced in the mid 80s operating as Route 11 with an extension beyond Bird Avenue to Sandyford Industrial Estate. With the extension of the 5 to the estate it was cancelled and certain 62 services diverted via the Industrial Estate. With the amalgamation of Routes 11 and 62, the 11 once again went into the Industrial Estate, this time via to/from Kilmacud during peak periods. The present Kilmacud terminus now becomes disused after 40 years of operation and a plethora of routes that have served it: Routes 3A, 5, 11, 46B, 52, 62, 64, 64A, all bar one of which no longer exist.

AV397 operating Route 7 along its new section on Great Denmark Street on the 26th June 2011.

Last but not least is Routes 7/7b/7d and 8's extension to Mountjoy Square from Parnell Square, no doubt just to alleviate congestion around Parnell Square.

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