Photo of the Week - Week 49:

RV539 is seen operating Summerhill's former Route 16A in blizzard conditions on O'Connell Street on the 21st December 2010.

God its got cold all of a sudden. Its been especially mild since September, but this week has been cold, at least on the west coast. Its a good time to lok back at the last "good snow" that we had in Ireland back in December 2010. Snow is always an unusual scene for a bus photo, and looking back 4 years ago the RVs really stand out. So I picked a few photos out that I felt were worth sharing.

RV573, operating a Harristown Euro-duty on Route 41C is seen scating on thin ice on Parnell Square East on the 1st December 2010.

RV554 operating Summerhill's former Route 16A is seen on Terenure Raod North on the 22nd December 2010.

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