Photo of the Week - Week 1:

Harristown's Wright Gemini-bodied Volvo B9TL, VG28, is seen operating a Route 40 departure on the St. Margaret's Road on the 3rd January 2011.

And so begins a new year, and the image of the week counter starts again. This week focuses on the 40 group, the Network Direct changes expected in early January that will see a much realigned Finglas service. The first of these is that the 40 will no longer serve Charestown. Instead it will terminate in Finglas Village as it did for 8 years after the original CitySwift changeover. The subtle notice on the website that the 40 will still serve Toburburr may indicate that the above shot will still be possible. However, the idea of certain departures on a core route deviating to a remote place a few times a day goes against the main principles of Network Direct. But if anything the 40 service along here will be minimal.

Parnell Street has long been the terminus of the 40 group, a constant departure point since 1970. This display will live on on the 40D, but the 40 will cease to show this destination. Of note however is that the 40D will no longer serve the current terminal location but will instead terminate with the 120 on the other side of the road ending the 40 year history of Finglas routes at this location.

The 40A will soon be withdrawn, amalgamated into the new cross city 40 service. This route has a 78 year history of serving Finglas though it should be noted that it has had many routings over the years. This is somewhat coincidental in that after 78 years of operation it is a merger with Route 78A that will finally see it make its final departure.

EV69 operating Route 40A on Finglas Road at Glasnevin Cemetary on the 3rd January 2011.

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