Photo of the Week - Week 33:

Summerhill's VG48 is seen at the Swords Manor Terminus of Route 41C on a rainy 29th January 2012.

VG48 had a lit bit of a run in with a tri-axle SE at Bus Aras this week. Broadsheet included a photo on their site, denoted "Bus Drama Terror". A little bit of an oversell to be honest. See the photo on their site. The SE in question was SE11, uniquely liveried for Route 12 to Limerick, while VG48 was one of only three buses in what most refer to as the "Airlink-less" livery. Given the spate of VG repaints ongoing, it was considered that VG46-48 might have been on borrowed time in this livery, more than likely being put into core upon repaint. VG48 may well return in this livery.

VG48 seen at the Bus Aras Stop of Route 747 on the 2nd January 2011.

VG46-48 offer a bit of variety to an otherwise boringly plain fleet predominately in core livery. Those days of the late 90s, when a vast mix of liveries operated the city streets is long gone, as are the full AOA's. So we VG48 now off the road, the variety is further limited. That said the GT's are on the way. Expect a number of photo of the weeks to be GT orientated. Then again with all the fleet allocation changes that these GTs will bring about, including the end of the much loved RV class, it might be hard to fit it all in. I'll try my best!

VG48 is seen again on Route 41C, this time at the Pavillion's Stop on Swords Main Street on the 29th January 2012.

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