2023 - Update 9:

Phibsboro's recently reintroduced VT49 is seen operating Route 38A on Parnell Square West on the 4th March 2023 (click on photo for larger version).

On the 27th February 2023, an unexpected fleet change occurred with the re-entry into service of VT45, VT46, VT48 and VT49, which have come back from their storage in Ardee. These buses had been stored since September 2021, withdrawn as Phibsboro had received their first batch of PAs. So it was a pleasant surprise to see their return. The VTs have always been a gift to the Navan Road corridor, a successful and busy bus corridor to the North West of Dublin. But they are now into their 16th year of service and equivalent replacements do not seem to be on the horizon. With bus travel returning back to more normal levels, and with hiring drivers still an ongoing issue preventing more buses in service to replace the capacity lost when these buses finally bow out, one wonders why another batch of these tri-axle buses has not been announced. I personally would not like to travel the Navan Road corridor when they're gone.

Phibsboro's VT 49 is seen operating Route 67X on Nassau Street on the 25th June 2015 (click on photo for larger version).

Phibsboro's VT49 is seen operating Route 39 in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre on the 14th April 2012 (click on photo for larger version).

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