Photo of the Week - Week 36:

Phibsborough's Enviro 500 bodied Volvo B9TL, VT67, is seen on a very unusual outing on Route 122 at the Ashington terminus on the 3rd September 2011.

This week's image of the week was going to be a goodbye feature to Routes 19 and 19A and the RVs on the 83. However this will be delayed to mid week, because as you can see something incredibly interesting happened over the weekend. A VT strayed onto the 122.

VTs on the 122 are a rare breed. The first Phibsborough VT this author seen was a 122, in fact so was the second. For a few nights in mid-December 2007 I saw the same VT operate the 122 heading south on College Green at about 7.30pm. Too dark for a photograph so no record. And since then I have never saw one until VT67 operated the 1855 from Ashington yesterday, and at least the gallop from Drimnagh to Ashington before that, before pulling in from Drimnagh. Strangely enough this would also be around college green at about 730pm, harking back to my first sighting of a Phibsborough VT. There are a few reasons the VTs don't appear. First loadings. Then the turn at George's Street is tight but somewhat manageable, however the turn at Ashinton is a bit too tight for the VT class, so I'm guessing it will be some time before I see another one.

VT67, towering over the author on Kinvara Avenue on Route 122 on the 3rd of September 2011.

For another excellent photo of VT67, this time on O'Connell Street head to Pat Gill's brand new site This site takes over from his blog, and with the new format comes an increase in photograph size, always apreciated, and a new photo of the day. Make sure you visit on a daily basis for this new addition, otherwise you'll miss out.

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