Photo of the Week - Week 23:

Donnybrook's Wright Crusader 2 bodied Volvo B6BLE, WV49, on its first day in service in Donnybrook garage operating Route 111 on Churchview Road on the 16th May 2011.

As noted in a previous image of the week Donnybrook received 6 WVs (WV47-52) from Ringsend in return for 6 AVs (AV198-AV203). These WVs have been in regular service since, with Monday-Friday operations on Routes 59, 63 and 111 being predominantly operated by the WV class. The 44B is also another haunt, being fully WV operated. WVs have also been noted recently on a number of Donnybrook routes such as the 7, 44, 45A, 46A, 48A, 114, 118 and 145.

This 6 WVs lived a relatively uneventful life in Ringsend, being delivered in 2001 for use on Route 150 (City-Rossmore) and allocated until 2011 on this route. Sporadic appearances occured on the 15 routes, and even rarer on Routes such as the 49 etc... The final image shows WV49 on its previous haunt.

WV49 operating Route 150 back on the 22nd January 2011. The shot is taken on Millgate Drive, the former terminus of Route 50 which Route 150 replaced in 1994, the 50 then being made into a Tallaght service. Notice that the black marks below the windscreen and the loss of black just below the yellow at the top of the destination panel are visible in both photos.

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