Photo of the Week - Week 42:

Donnybrook's, fromer Ringsend, Wright Gemini 2 Volvo B6BLE, WV52, is seen at the Enniskerry Terminus of Route 44 on the 15th October 2011.

I don't know what it is about the WV-class but I have a lot of grá for these midibuses. Thus while in Dundrum this Saturday I couldn't help but take an unplanned trip on Route 44 to its very photogenic terminus in Enniskerry. Being Limerick bound during the weeks, bar the occasional day off, I'm unable to travel regularly on these vehicles. So I was excited when WV52 showed. I always think there is something very special about the last of a type, and WV52 is assured of this, numerically in any case.

WV51 in Dundrum Main Street operating Route 44B on the 15th October 2011.

Also in Dundrum on Saturday was WV51 on Route 44B. This departure is noted as Ranelagh in the timetable, however Dundrum is all thats ever displayed, with the bus most likely running OOS back to the garaiste. Personally I think this makes sense. The old terminus in Ranelagh is as such unused, and having one service a day on such a rural route operating further into the city is somewhat confusing. However the RTPI screens all the way to Ranelagh still advise of its existence, somewhat annoying to those waiting on the Dundrum Road. WV51 and WV52 were the only WVs on the road on Saturday, otherwise Donnybrook keeps them in house. Both would have done a lap on the 44B, hence why they were out. It's not guaranteed that a WV will end up on the 44, its a recent thing (last 3 months) that this has started occuring semi-regularly. It's also not the first time DublinBusStuff got at a shot of a WV at said terminus on the same duty. However more and more WVs are appearing on the 44 midweek, so why not on a Saturday...

WV42 is seen on a mid-day mid-week operation on Route 44 on Ballyogan Road heading into the city on the 7th October 2011.

WV42 is seen above on a mid-week duty on Route 44, again a random catch on DublinBusStuff's most recent day off. Its right indicator advises its turning right onto the Kilgobbin Road. This section of the Ballyogan Road is now used by Route 47. Route 47, operating from Belarmine, had previously continued along the Kilgobbin Road to the roundabout with Murphystown Road turning right there. For those that travelled on Route 47 it will be recalled that this section was incredibly tight. However its now closed off. The 47 turns right from the Kilgobbin Road onto the Ballyogan Road, taking a quick left travelling towards the M50 interchange alongside the Luas line on the new Murphystown Link Road which opened recently and where there are a few new stops. Route 47 can also be allocated some interesting buses on a Saturday. EV28 is seen below, however EV30 was also noted earlier on the route.

EV28 on a dark evening operating Route 47 in Stillorgan Village on the 15th October 2011.

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