Photo of the Week - Week 15:

Phibsboro's AX583 is seen at Wilton Terrace on the first day of this new terminus on the 21st April 2013.

When Network Direct was originally announced the Blanchardstown services were listed as going to Wilton Terrace, joining the 140 there. However, a slight oversight to this plan was the new cycle lane along the canal which took up most of the ample room that Wilton Terrace had for such a terminus. The 140 has since moved away, Bus Eireann's 100X (and others) being the only buses from this terminus nowadays. The new 37 terminus is further up Wilton Terrace, at the Canadian Embassy just before the corner of Baggot Street, where AX583 is seen above. There has been a layover there for some time, with the evening Universals waiting at this location as opposed to the sometimes overcrowded Burlington Road. With the first stop at Pembroke Place, no stops were missed. The new route sees Route 37 serve St. Stephen's Green Lower and Leeson Street to Wilton Terrace, as opposed to the previous Baggot Street. Interestingly there are no stops between Leeson Street and the terminus at the corner of Baggot Street which is a long gap.

Phibsborough's VG2 is seen operating the 39 terminus on Burlington Road with a new updated display for Burlington Road, which now becomes the first and last stop (with Burlington Mews) of Route 39, on the 21st April 2013.

After the Blanchardstown changes in the autumn of 2010, Routes 37, 38 and 39 operated to Baggot Street, the last stop inbound being on the Waterloo Road on the corner of Baggot Street. Burlington Mews and Burlington Road was only used as a layover point and the first stop was at Pembroke Place. With the 37 terminus change, the 38/A/B and 39 now set down and pick up at Burlington Road, and the displays have been updated. This rectifies what was an oversight, as with a large number of office workers close to the layover point, it was a few mintues walk to the first stop. The universals will now head to the relevant locations depending on the route operated. Unlike the changes of 2010, it should be noted that all buses I saw today had the updated displays which should be commended.

AX561 is seen turning from Baggot Street Upper onto Waterloo ROad on the 21st April 2013 with its new updated terminus display.

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