Route 14/A:

As of April 94, the routes operated as follows –

Route 14: Pearse Street to Hillside Drive. All services went via Dartry and Churchtown except for a couple of services which operated via Orwell Road (though not via present routing, it went via Rathgar Road, Orwell Road, Churchtown Road Lower, Churchtown Road, Braemor Road, Landscape Road, Hillside Drive.                                                    

Route 14A: Pearse Street to Churchtown (Meadow Grove).

As far as I recall the stop used was that by the 25A now but instead of operating via Show Street / Townsend Street, the route went via Westland Row.

On the 13/8/95 both the 14 and 14A were extended to Ballinteer. The 14 route from Rathmines became Rathgar Road, Orwell Road, Braemor Park, Braemor Road, Beaumont Avenue, Barton Road East to terminate at the school in Ballinteer. The city centre terminus was changed to College Street resulting in services operating via Suffolk Street.

This timetable did not last long, though the next timetable I have for the route is the April 96 book. By this time the route had switched terminus to D’Olier Street and a new 0750 service from Ballinteer had been added to the 14 service while the 1755 service from Ballinteer was cancelled. Some minor reworking to the morning inbound Monday –Friday 14A services also occurred.

Also between April 97 and September 97 there was also some minor reworking of morning inbound Monday–Friday 14A services.

A new timetable for both routes was issued on the 29/4/02 though the Sunday services stayed the same. (Route 14, Route 14A)

On the 05/04/04 the services switched termini from D'Olier Street to Fleet Street. (Route 14, Route 14A)

Upon a review of services to the Dundrum area due to the construction of a new town centre and the opening of the Luas, the 14/14A were extended to a new Dundrum Bus/Luas Interchange. The services were extended across O’Connell Street to terminate in Parnell Square. Also, with the cancellation of the 13B as of same date, certain 14A trips went via Palmerston Road. The 48A saw a major reduction in services also from this date, and this route was also extended to Parnell Square.

Considering the 13B/14/14A/48A services prior to these changes and those after on a Monday-Friday basis:


Old Inbound

New Inbound

Old Outbound

New Outbound













34 (with 9 via Palmerston Rd)


32 (with 9 via Palmerston Rd)


67 (+2 to Eglinton Rd.)









It should be noted that the internet timetables originally posted noted the following 14A services as also via Palmerston Road though I was never able to confirm this with a printed copy so I view them as errors.
From City: 1605, From Dundrum: 0840, 1020.

(a map indicating the routing around Dundrum can be found on the following link - )

A revised Monday to Friday timetable came into effect for the 14/14A on the 21/11/05. Basically the 14/A departures were spaced more evenly out, as previous the interlacing of departures had involved the 48A as well.




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