Other Dublin Bus Related Websites:

Just a small list has been included for the moment. There are plenty more excellent Dublin Bus enthusiast sites on the web than have been noted here, but here are a select few:

Present Day Interest:

Tony Murray's Flickr Page:
Tony Murray's dublinbus.cc site was launched in 2004, as a continuation of the BusIreland.org site. Unfortunately it recently closed. However, one can still visit Tony's excellent Flickr page of Dublin Bus photos.

Kevin Horgan's Flickr Page:
Kevin Horgan's flickr page is well worth a visit. Kevin is one of Ireland's premiere bus photographers and it was a pity his fantastic Irishbuses.com website has been lost. Like with his previous webpage, Kevin's flickr page is full of fantastic photos, taken with a keen eye on a mix of transport genres, while also branching out into some interesting street photograhy.

Pat Gill's Flickr Page:
Pat Gill's flickr page contains a hundreds of photos of Dublin Bus vehicles in the modern era. Regularly updated, it is a great place to visit to see the recent goings on in Dublin Bus, as well as some older favourites from time to time.

Gavin Ward's Flickr Page:
Gavin Ward's flickr page is regularly updated with some of the more interesting happenings of Dublin Bus operation. His IrishDecker blog hasn't been updated in a few years, but it is still active and can be viewed as a historical reference.

Barry Millar's Flickr Page:
Barry Millar's website was one of the former pillars of Dublin Bus enthusiasm. Having been taken down for a few years, it is back online, though principally as an information source. Visit here for information hot of the press, often well before announced elsewhere.

Tim Butler's Flickr Page
Tim Butler's recently launched flickr page is a transportarian's delight, with photograph's of places, trains, and most importantly buses. Expect one shot wonders as Tim goes that extra mile, or in many cases those extra hundreds of miles, to get the shot.

Off the Beaten Track:
Cathal O'Brien's uses his newly launched website to record his journey's across the Dublin Bus network in the form of route-based features. His flickr page is updated more frequently with general bus pictures.

Darren Hall's Flickr Page:
Renowned photographer Darren Hall has also launched a Flickr page in recent weeks. Already he has uploaded a large quanities of photos from his excellent historical collection and present day items. Again Darren's flickr site has a large quantity of bus photographs, but he also focusses on a wider transport persepective with photos of planes, trains and fire engines. Well worth a daily visit, though if you haven't visited yet you might need a couple of days/weeks to catch up.

Jonathan McDonnell's Flickr Page:
Just like bus enthusiasts to act like the proverbial bus. You wait ages for a new website and four come along at once. The renowned accolade just keeps rolling with Jonathan McDonnell and his new Flickr site. Again buses feature heavily in this site, with Jonathan focussing mainly on his excellent Dublin City Service photos from the 1980s. Aviation also appears quite heavily, with ships and trucks also covered. Again keep it bookmarked and visit regularly.

Garaiste Forums:
Set up by Gabriel Conway as an upgrade from the previous Proboards 'Bus Travel Ireland' forums, Garaiste is a hive of enthusiast posting. However current service and fleet changes are no longer discussed, one can still view posts prior to 2010. The site boasts a large amount of historical interest postings.

Irish Transport Forums:
This forum is the place to go for current Dublin Bus discussion.

Fred's Transport & General Pix Gallery:
Fred Dean Jnr has relaunched on Flickr after the problems with fotopic. And the uploads are coming thick and fast. Some really great shots, whether you like Cork buses or some shots from the Capital.

Pat Losty's Flickr Page:
Renowned photographer Pat Losty, author of the recent Wheeling in the year features and KD feature on dublinbus.cc, has very recently launched a flickr webpage to share some of his excellent pictures with a general transport theme. Though only launched in the past few days, buses feature prominently with ships, aviation and haulage trucks also having albums. This site is sure to be an excellent addition to the Dublin Bus webspace so check regularly for updates.

Mark Long's Flickr Page:
Mark;'s flickr page is a mix of Dublin Bus and Northern Ireland operators. Mark always seeks out a great shot. It's hard to find two shots from the same location on this site, at least in Dublin terms.

Happy Bus Forever Flick Page
Paul Clarke's new flickr page is a treasure trove of photos taken from around Dublin. Expect unusual locations and allocations on this rapidly growing site.

Historical Interest:

Buses in Ireland:
Its fair to say that Stephen King never created his Buses in Ireland website to be a historical interest page. Being one of the first Dublin bus sites I was an avid visitor back in the day. And the day has long gone, it now being 5 years since it was last updated. However unlike all those fotopic sites that have vanished into the ether, this one is still going stong, and like a fine wine these photos have aged very nicely. Some amazing shots in the collection, so if like me you haven't visited in a while be sure to pencil in a few hours.

Bus Scan Ireland:
Cathal O'Brien runs this excellent new site that is currently going through past photos of Dublin's bus services. Photos date from 1980s to present, and there are some real gems in the collection. Keep tuned for more updates.

Classic Irish Buses:
Shane Conway's site provides an outstanding collection of information on Irish bus types. With all the major Irish Operators included (Dublin Bus, CIE, GNR(I), DUTC, Lough Swilly, Ulsterbus, IOC and many more), this site is full of excellent photos and very detailed fleet lists of Irish Buses from yesteryear. This site is a fantanstic collection of information and well worth a few days reading. January 2010 should see a new feature on the C-class buses to mark their 40th anniversary. Shane also has a picassa site where you can find lots of excellent historical photos.

Route Information:

As has been said many times on this site, if you're looking for current service information refer to the Dublinbus site. It has recently undergone a revamp and a fantastic new addition to each timetable is a map that shows the position of each bus stop on the route in question on google maps. This represents a fantastic leap forward in information provision and coupled with the recently launch network spider map, getting bus route information has never been easier.

N.B. This website is not affiliated with Dublin Bus. The information contained herein is intended for enthusiast reference. For all current timetable and route information please refer to the official Dublin Bus Website.