Routes are not tackled on a route by route basis, but in groups. These groups are not necessarily the routes which operate with the same pool of drivers, however for the most part they probably will be. The Route History sections will take a number of years/decades to complete. Please follow any of the links below

Routes 1,2,3:

Routes 4/A:

Routes 5, 6/A, 7/A/B/D/E/N/X, 8:

Routes 9 and 10/A:

Routes 11/A/B:

Routes 13/A/B/C:

Routes 14/A:

Routes 15/A/B/C/D/E/F/X:

Routes 16/A/B/C:

Route 17:

Routes 17A, 17B, N4 and N6:

Route 18:

Routes 19/A:

Routes 20/A/B:

Routes 22/A/B:

Routes 25/A/X:

Route 26:

Routes 27/A/C/X:

Route 27B:

Route 28:

Route 29A:

Route 30:

Routes 31/A/B/C:

Routes 32/A/B/X:

Routes 33/A:

Routes 33B/C:

Route 34:

Routes 36/A:

Routes 37/X:

Routes 38/A/B/C:

Routes 39/A/B/C/X:

Routes 40/A/B/C/D:

Routes 41/41A/41B/41C/41X,60:

Route 42:

Routes 42A/B/C:

Route 43:

Routes 44/C:

Routes 44B:

Route 44A:

Route 45:

Routes 45A/B:

Routes 46:

Routes 46A/C/D/E/X,746:

Routes 47/A/B:

Route 48A:

Routes 49/A/B/X:

Routes 50/X:

Routes 51/B/C/D/X:

Route 52:

Routes 53/A:

Route 54A:

Route 56A:

Route 59:

Route 61A:

Route 62:

Route 63:

Routes 65/B/C/X:

Routes 66/A/B/D/X:

Routes 67/A/X:

Route 68:

Route 69:

Routes 70/A/B/X:

Routes 74/A:

Route 75:

Routes 76/A/B:

Routes 77/A/B/X:

Routes 78/A:

Routes 79/A:

Route 83:

Routes 84/A/X:

Route 85:

Route 86:

Routes 90/A,92,93:

Route 101:

Route 102:

Routes 103,104:

Route 105:

Route 111:

Routes 113,114,115:

Routes 116,117,118:

Route 120:

Route 121:

Route 122:

Route 123:

Route 130:

Route 134:

Routes 145,146:

Route 150:

Route 155:

Route 161:

Route 172:

Routes 184,185:

Routes 201,202,203:

Route 206:

Route 207:

Route 210:

Route 220:

Route 222:

Route 230:

Routes 236,237,238,239,250,270:

Route 240:

Route 300:

Route 321:

Routes 747,748:

The Nipper:

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