Photo of the Week - Week 30:

Ringsend's AV247 is seen at the Clongriffin terminus of Route 15 in its new Brennan's Bread wrap on the 14th July 2012.

The near all over all wraps are coming thick and fast. With AV248 done only a few weeks ago, AV247 has been quick to join in the most attractive of the liveries so far. The principle reasons for this are the rear portion of the livery that resembles the folded ending of Brennan's pan, and also that the yellow of the Dublin Bus livery blends in very well with the wrap itself. Previous wraps have looked poor, as the front of the bus stood out like a sore thumb. AV247 has been reclusive since it got its wrap, with it notably been kept up in the garaiste for at least the vast majority of last weekend (not for the want of standing around waiting for it), but it thankfully made it out on the 15 on Saturday.

A frontal shot of AV247 at the Clongriffin terminus.

AV247 is seen on O'Connell Bridge operating Route 15 on the 14th July 2012.

Sometimes you're just lucky and this weekend was one of those times. Having made my way out to Clongriffin, and getting a few shots, I decided to make my way back to Donnycarney Church for a further shot. Watching the RTPI it stated that the 15 and 27 were due together. Unfortunately the clock face timetabling on the Malahide Road means that the 15 and 27 show up almost always together, especially at the weekend, the most infrequent service times on the Malahide Road. Gaps of 20mins are almost standard now, having had a previously great service before the changes. But on this occasion, I was glad for the poor timetabling as what was on the 27 only AV248. The camera nearly dropped. One for the book me thinks. There was another catch that I stumbled upon, but you'll have to visit the new DublinBusStuff flickr page, which is often updated with exclusive non-Dublin Bus related material.

Ringsend's two wraps, AV247 and AV248, are seen at Donnycarney Church on Routes 15 and 27 on the 14th July 2012.

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