Photo of the Week - Week 27:

Donnybrook's AV331 is seen operating to Ballywaltrim on a Route 45A on Marine Road on the 2nd August 2013.

Donnybrook's AV331 is seen during its Summerhill day's on its regular Route 33. It is passing the immaculately preserved DF839 on Parnell Square East on the 7th March 2010. If you look into the distance, one might make out a 746. Seems like so long ago.

AV331 and AV332 are quite an interesting pair. They were originally delivered to Broadstone in the autumn of 2003 in CitySwift livery, operating mainly on Lucan Road Euro duties. They were transferred to Summerhill as direct replacements for AD39 and AD40, and spent the majority of their time in Summerhill on Route 33, being notably "good" buses. They were notable in Summerhill, not being part of a larger allocation. In the last few days of October 2012, AV331 and AV332 were transferred to Donnybrook, with AV395-AV397 being transferred the opposite way. The lack of luggage racks on AV331 and AV332 were no doubt the reason for the transfer, especially with the then continuing loss of the RV class at Summerhill, whereas AV395-AV397 had luggage racks from their former usage on Route 746. This transfer also finally brought AV331 and AV332 into a wider allocation, joining up with Donnybrook's AV321-AV330. That said though in numerical sequence, and delivered in the same year, they are actually from seperate batches.

Donnybrook's AV332 is seen operating Route 63 on Marine Road on the 10th August 2013.

AV332 is seen during its Summerhill days on Route 20B about to turn from Collins Avenue to the Malahide Road on a dull 3rd January 2011.

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