2022 - Update 12:

Clontarf's SG137 is seen operating Route 130 on Clontarf Road on the 4th July 2022 (click on photo for larger version).

Clontarf has long been associated with old vehicles, right back to the CIE R types. The small depot layout has often precluded it from the latest bus types. It is interesting to think that major bus types such as the original MetSec D (D1-D602) and the AX-class never operated from Clontarf, two major bus types that operated from all other city garages. Though Clontarf does not have the oldest buses in the fleet, with the AX-class operating from Summerhill and Harristown, and Summerhill having a small batch of 07 EVs, Clontarf still has a reasonably old average age, with SG443 its newest bus, CLontarf missing out on later rounds of SG deliveries and the entire PA allocation, another type that operates from all depots except Clontarf.

Clontarf's SG89 is seen operating Route 130 on Clontarf Road on the 4th July 2022 (click on photo for larger version).

Clontarf therefore still had an incredibly large batch of 33 EVs right up to October 2021, with EVs 9-20, 22, 30, 37, 38, 39 and 48 of 2007 vintage, and EV75-89 of 2008 vintage. With more PAs arriving, specifically to Ringsend and Phibsboro, subsequent transfers to Clontarf allowed for most of this earlier batch of EVs to be withdrawn, as follows:

  • November 2021: The first transfers into Clontarf were SG131-SG135 & SG140 from Phibsboro during the first week of November, hitting the streets on the evening of the 4th/morning of the 5th (except SG131 which was the Monday morning (8th)). These replaced EV9-EV12, EV16, EV17.
  • November 2021: The next transfers in came from Ringsend, with SG95 arriving first (entered service on the 22nd November), followed by SG86, SG87 and SG89 which entered service on the 29th/30th. EV13 was withdrawn on the same date.
  • December 2021: SG92-SG93 arrived from Ringsend and entered service on the 10th December against which EV15 and EV18 were withdrawn.
  • December 2021: SG94 arrived from Ringsend and entered service on the 22nd December 2021. EV14 and EV19 last operated in service on the same date.
  • January 2022: SG137-SG139 & SG141 arrive from Phibsboro, entering service on the 18th/19th January. EV20 and EV37 last operated a week earlier, while EV30 and EV39 were withdrawn upon entry of this batch.
  • February 2022: EV22 lingered on until early February, last operating on the 2nd.
  • June 2022: SG83 is transferred from Conyngham Road as more PA types entered service there. It entered service in Clontarf on the 3rd, with EV38 last operating on the 1st June. This leaves EV48 as the sole 2007 vintage EV operating in Clontarf depot.

  • Clontarf's EV38 is seen operating Route 130 on Vernon Avenue on the 7th May 2022 (click on photo for larger version).

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