Photo of the Week - Week 52:

Former Clontarf AV44 is seen operating Route 104 on Blackheath Park on the 21st July 2012.

This year has seen the decimation of the 00 D AVs. Clontarf is always a garage that I predominantly travel on, and AV37-AV44 were pride of place in this depot, especially after AV34-36 went. That said they were relative blow-ins, only arriving in the summer of 2009 when the WVs moved over to Donnybrook. AV93-97 arrived from Conyngham Road around the same time, but were never as good. The preferential life that AV37-AV44 got while based in Broadstone, and thus the lower mileage, would have been the principle reasons these survived longer in service. Their loss does mean new SG class buses in service, so its not all bad for those on the north-east end of the city.

Former Clontarf AV41 is seen operating Route 27 loading at the Square Shopping Centre on the 11th February 2012.

Former Clontarf AV38 is seen operating Route 53 on Annesley Place on the 9th March 2013.

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