Photo of the Week - Week 47:

Clontarf's brand new GT61 is seen operating Route 29A on the Raheny Road on the 10th November 2012.

Clontarf has been next to have introduced the GTs into service, with GT60's first outing on the 6th November. GT61 was soon to follow, but the pace has been slow. The 29A has been an interesting pick for new buses. It has long been associated with the oldest buses in the fleet. In the last days of the Clontarf RVs, this route was most likely to get them, slightly more so than the 27. The Bombardiers in Clontarf also saw out their last days here. Even now, save the occasional EV, it is home to some of the oldest AVs in Clontarf's fleet. So with a planned new extension from Sunday 18th November 2012 into Baldoyle, Route 29A has become flavour of the month.

Clontarf's soon to be withdrawn AV65 is seen on one of its principal haunts, Route 29A, climbing Main Street on the 10th November 2012. The Children Referendum poster in the picture is apt, given the voting took place on the same date.

This planned extension to Baldoyle has been long coming. I recall mumerings of it as far back as the mid-90s, with a shelter being placed outbound on the Grange Road. It is an obvious choice of an extension, with the Abbey Park diversion being very long winded for Portmarnock customers. It is no coincidence that the 42 has been quite successful in the area, as no doubt the 142 must be with its new 10min peak frequency timetable effective from next Wednesday. Hopefully the 32 will be a success, though an hour to Malahide will be good going. From a customer perspective the 29A has been an old reliable for a number of years now, having notably poor relaibility in the mid-90s. Hopefully the new schedule will be sufficient in keeping up appearances.

Clontarf's GT60 is seen on the 29A at Donaghmede Church on the 11th November 2012. The Newgrove terminus is two stops further up the road, but this display and terminus will be a thing of the past from this Saturday (17/11/12).

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