Photo of the Week - Week 22:

Conyngham Road's brand new Wrights Gemini 3 bodied Volvo B5TL, SG76, is seen operating Route 13 on Saturday the 20th June 2015.

The latest batch of Dublin Bus SGs have hit the city streets, with SG71 being the first to enter service in Conyngham Road on the 16th June 2015 operating Route 13. Thus far the SGs are have operated a number of Conyngham Road routes, however it would seem that the 13 will be the next route for dual door operation. Harristown have been allocating dual door buses for a number of months now to Route 13, so Conyngham Road's additions should mean the route is fully dual door operated.

SG76 is seen operating a Route 13 service to Grange Castle picking up at the DCU stop on the Ballymun Road on the 20th June 2015.

GT71-85 are expected to be allocted to Conyngham Road, with the next batch destined for Ringsend. It is also expected that the first 20 will be in Dublin Bus livery, as per SG76 above, however the remaining are expected in a modified NTA-style livery, as was done with the newer Bus Eireann vehicles. So Ringsend may likely get a mix. All garages are expected to get an allocation of SGs from this years delivery of 90.

Conyngham Road's SG73 is seen operating Route 151 on East Road on the 20th June 2015.

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